I joined the Convention of States movement because I am not happy with which way our country is headed!

I have gone as far as volunteering to be a District Captain. I help organize and inform our followers in this district about this movement!

UPDATE March 7, 2021

It’s been 2.5 years since I originally wrote this post! Amazing changes have taken place in my life and a major one with Convention of States. I am now the Regional Captain for Region 6 and 7 across central Florida. I oversee 20 of the house districts. A daunting task to say the least. We rely a lot on our people and they are the best. Our movement is shakin and a movin !

This year in 2021 we are on a record pace of growth which is a great feeling. People are all seeing that they cannot put their faith in any of the politicians to put the brakes on their out of control behaviour.

That is why WE must step in. A group of engaged self governing citizens. WE THE PEOPLE, yes it’s us that the Constitution refers to when it begins with “We the People”.

We have the right to govern ourselves and do not have to put up with career politicians that are out to enrich themselves with money and power.

Article 5 was given to us in the Constitution because the authors of this document had seen the greed and power takeovers and rebelled against it. It turned violent but freedom prevailed. Article 5 is the expression of ultimate freedom from government tyranny.

The framers knew that power and money had a tendency to corrupt man. They gave us Article 5 so we could peacefully reign in the government. Their question was not IF it was WHEN! 

Well it’s far beyond time in my reckoning.  The State of Florida has amassed 150,000 supporters of this movement and we are growing all the time. Nationally we have around 5 million!

Join us Go to dennisdarragh.com/cos

I really do believe in “Self Governance” and feel that this movement is the right way to go at this juncture. I do not believe that Washington can fix itself!

Article 5 was given to us by our country’s framers as a way for the people to amend the Constitution.


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