Is there Tyranny amongst us?

Convention of States Florida 

In my experience the Convention of States Florida  has definitely  changed.  There is now tyranny amongst us. And the more I find out it has allegedly been going on a while.

So right off the bat I want to say that I totally support an Article 5 Convention of States   It is something that our representative government really needs right at this moment in time.  

They are out of control in DC and a lot of the state governments are too!

I rose to the top of the Convention of States Florida team and spent five months as State Director. It was a great experience and I was having a great time. I was trying hard to lead the organization but I must have ruffled somebody’s feathers.


Boom one day I was removed with a phone call. Not given a reason or a chance to defend myself. 

I was told it might be a temporary position when I took the position but I got removed from that position and not told why and I also got completely removed from the whole volunteer system. Whats up with that? I have NO skills that are useful to this organization? I appeared in National training in the COS University and on National training calls.

Over Five Years

I spent over five years volunteering for this organization, as a district captain for 4 of those years,two and a half of those years in a regional position, handling 2 regions for a total of 20 districts and as a district captain at the same time, then finally as State Director and regional Capt at the same time.

While as State Director I was spending huge amounts of time. Probably 40 to 60 hours a week and traveled coast to coast meeting with our team.

2021 July 4 Region 9 Celebration SE Florida and Live State Town Hall. We had over 25 live in attendance and over 150 online for the Town Hall.

Like I said I’m not sure why I got removed from the state director position as the national team did not want to explain it.  I have heard more people have left the organization because of this happening. If other leaders aren’t allowed to know what is going on it is hard to keep volunteer morale up. Lets remember this is a volunteer organization at the State level!

I still wholeheartedly believe in the mission.  An Article 5 Convention of States will change the face of Washington DC, dramatically, especially the term limits.

It really was amazing to me that people rose to positions In our organization and wanted to be controlling and authoritarian. This is  an organization that is totally against that in theory and now they get away with it right before our eyes.

Nothing else to offer them???

Take me for example. I had nothing else to offer them??? I knew it was a temporary position but no discussion of the reason and total removal from the volunteer system just doesn’t seem right to me. I KNOW that I didn’t do anything to deserve that.

I was part of the National Training featured at the Convention of States University.  I also appeared on National trainings on Tuesday nights for District captains and volunteers. Somebody must have been seeing some worth???

I ran a weekly open training session for all volunteers in the state. I ran a monthly Virtual Town hall for my regions and then for the whole state with over 150 people attending at times.

COS Tools

I was fluent with the COS tools and felt like I was always learning something and was part of an exciting eve

The total removal from the system lends me to believe that someone didn’t want my opinion to be known or spoken about.  That’s how all tyrants operate. If you don’t fall right in line with what they want they remove you completely and not even let you defend yourself. Does that sound familiar? The term I heard flying around while in a leadership position was Micro Manage,  just a nice way of saying tyrant. The cancel culture is infecting everyone!


I was all about the team.  I feel like that was part of the problem. The national team felt threatened because I was trying to work as a team.  I used the term “circling the wagons” once which I know was not received in the spirit it was said. LOL I meant I was bringing the state leadership together to discuss something that I didn’t want to make the decision on without input. I believe national got defensive lol

I was against removing people with no reason,  I tried to consult with other leaders that were at the state level before I made any decisions. Something I think is the correct way to operate in a volunteer position. It definitely wasn’t my way or the highway. Though that is the way the National team operates.

Jacksonville Meeting

Do as I Say Not as I Do

I did have a problem with the national team’s idea of “do as I say not as I do” and statements like “because I said so “ or it is an “unwritten rule”.  The best example was the rule about “we don’t debate”. What do they think we are doing in public while we are collecting petitions. Not everyone agrees with us. We debate and on an instant and  must be allowed to debate! That is the cornerstone of a representative republic.

And we did do it. I debated people in the aisles of the state fair and many other events and never gave up my position. But as soon as a regional captain who is a very educated and knowledgeable volunteer wanted to debate a John Birch rep who was a local politician ,we were told we couldn’t do it.

State Fair

WOW! What do they think we were doing in the street at the “Rally in Tally’ (March 2021) when we were having an open debate with several John Birch Society people that got loud and was recorded by TV cameras.  We were debating! That is the cornerstone of our Republic, Open debate! Anyway  and the reason I got from the current national reps was “because I said so, that’s the way it is”. I asked a past national rep because I couldn’t believe my ears. What am I/ In third grade? So the past guy says it’s an “unwritten rule”, I don’t get it???? And no one wanted to go further OOPS.

Like we are not qualified to debate. Whaaaaat!!! 

This is truly not the way to operate a volunteer organization as big and important as COS. I now have seen so many talented volunteers removed or gone of their own volition.

Regarding those that left when I was removed and several other state leaders, a senior Regional Captain was removed at the same time I was and so was a district captain, some were told “He knows why he was removed”  about me but then still denied the reason. 

I should have seen the writing on the wall. The previous state director resigned over a conflict.

Lifelong Volunteer

I am a lifelong volunteer!  CYO, Student government, Chamber Of Commerce, Volunteer Fireman, Tourist Board Pasco County, NORML, Hudson Seafest Committee, FCA, CCA to mention some. I truly am hurt by the treatment and can only say that at 68 yrs old I am still learning.

On a good note the movement is moving forward with Wisconson coming on as the 16th of the needed 34 states to call the convention. SEE

The 16th State!

As everyone knows I have always been a REAL supporter pledging my time, my fortune and my life for the cause just as our founders!

Stay the course is the only advice I can give the volunteers but watch yourself cause cos big brother is watching you!

Because at Convention of States Florida there are tyrants amongst us!

Capt Dennis
Um your Captain
onward n upward