I have been a Medical Marijuana Patient for almost 3 yrs at the writing of this article!

I have been connected to marijuana since the Summer of Love in 1967. I was 14 yrs old. After my experience I believe that young people should be careful as I believe it effects your learning curve is all.

I learned about the medical properties early on and as an older adult I actually have physical problems that the PLANT helps even better than the pharms I was addicted too! Physical Pain and Mental Anxiety are a roller coaster that many people suffer from. Medical Cannabis is the answer for some. Maybe not for everybody. LOL

Now I want to share my experience with everyone!


My First MM Review!

I have been wanting to do this since it became legal. I have been struggling with the idea as I am a Cannabis Felon. At this point arresting me will just make me more of a martyr, lol. I sure hope Florida goes with the expunging of records for those of us who have been effected.

This first review is about a an amazing product, “Surfin In A Hurricane” a vape oil from the Coral Reefer line offered by Surterra Wellness. This is offered free on youtube! But you can see more on my new platform! Patreon!

This new venture you can check out right now includes this Playlist “Florida Medical Marijuana Reviews” as part of



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Here is another review that I did online for Surterra, I believe google Maps!!

“I have been to South Tampa Surterra a couple times already and have been happy each time I have been there! The staff is extremely helpful and so far I love the products I have tried. At this location I spoke with Wellness Coordinator Derek McCrary about the products I was using and Surterra in general. He was right on the money with his product knowledge and was courteous and willing to listen! A wonderful trait ~~~ We spoke of my current favorite product “Surfin In a Hurricane” from Jimmy Buffett’s line “Coral Reefer” Intensity level TSUNAMI>>>>……….. This is a great product that is helping me with pain, anxiety and sleep disorders lol YUP Since the advent of the Medical Cannabis here in Florida I have been embracing the problems that have plagued this old body as the years are wearing on. Ya know some nights i can’t sleep cause a pain that evokes a memory of laying down my Honda on Rt 6 in the foothills of the Catskill mountains at 100 mph LOL. Then the pain anxiety no sleep cycle starts~~~~ nowadays I can get almost immediate relief from a 2 second puff on my color coordinated surfboard sexy style vape pod n pen combo. Yeah Baby, and I was hesitant in the beginning due to the .5 ml content but the 415mg of THC along with the fact there is no CBD made me say “Go for it”. Happy to say It’s workin for me. On the third pod now and I got as long a duration out of each as I would the 1ml carts from competitors. I treat it like medicine and dose it out. I am semi retired and as we all know the fixed income cycle LOL, A 2 sec puff is perfect to keep level! With that said. RESPECT the “Do not Operate Machinery while under the influence”. Remember “INTENSITY LEVEL TSUNAMI” KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK SURTERRA SOUTH TAMPA #surterrawellness #surterrasouthtampa For the suggestion box? “maybe a senior discount”