Learning to Have Patience with Others

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This is quoted from the Josiewales website https://jesuschristmyhero.com

“Become familiar with the story of Job, the most patient man in the Bible.

Job is an example of having patience you should follow.

Job had great patience with his friends who insisted that Job had done something to offend God and deserved his afflictions, but they were wrong.

God was just testing Job’s faith as the result of proving to Satan that he couldn’t come between Job and God no matter how Job was afflicted.

Eventually, Job was blessed again and twice as much as before his afflictions.

Consider your triggers and train yourself not to react with impulse when other people push your buttons.

Taking deep breaths, counting to ten and learning to step out and take time to think about your responses will help you have patience with others.

Sometimes you can just take a walk and think over why your patience is being tested by your spouse, children, co-workers and friends.

Taking the time to give a measured and careful response shows maturity and you are being Godlike by being slow to anger.”

I think that’s a great passage and we all should read it and take it Heart everyday!


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