Volunteers from The Convention of States were out at the 2020 Florida State Fair collecting petition signatures and disseminating information to the masses of people that arrived at the fair last week.  Unofficial estimates are that almost a half a million people walked through the fair gates.

Capt Dennis Darragh

Along with Regional Captain Dennis Darragh, 18 different volunteers showed up to help with the cause!  The State Follow-up Team leader and District Captain Donnie Rutherford was an indispensable part of the Action! 

Donnie Rutherford

State Director Richard Simo Put in his usual full hearted support of time, money and information.

Richard Simo

The volunteers that came out and gave of themselves were
Virginia Frazier,
Ty Sammons,
Dean Chung,
Kelly Nevin-Steinke,
Sheila Harris,
Wade Swaney,
David Lee,
Maxine Ramirez,
Augusto Ingles,
Rick Bertram.
Laura Smith,
Jean Howard.
Genice Howard,
Margy Herring,
AT Herring,
Gene Davidson


Of course there was controversy right away at the Florida State Fair Authority charged most of our volunteers to get in the gate.  It’s the first fair I ever went to where volunteers were charged at the gate. Only one volunteer took it to heart and did not come in and I don’t believe she understood that it wasn’t our fault.  All of our other volunteers took it upon themselves to pay whatever the going rate was at that time anywhere from $2 to $14 depending on which day and time you arrived at the gate. An awesome showing of volunteers is what made this whole thing possible.

We amassed 1100 total petition signatures  with 180 of them being from out of state. Here in Florida we have a unique situation where we can influence many people from the states up north as this is a refuge from the weather at this time of year,. Many were from States that are hanging on the balance of passing the resolution and joining our movement.

Here’s a quick video of what it looked like!  Click this link to go to my Patreon site. https://www.patreon.com/posts/tampa-bay-area-33926966

or just watch it here!

Seven out of Ten

At least seven out of ten of the people we spoke with had no idea what we were about so it was the perfect opportunity to get our message across to the people. Our Volunteers were aggressive in the aisle and drove the people over to the table where State leaders could explain the whole movement concisely.  It worked beautifully and I thank those volunteers!

Of Course we met with objections constantly.  Not as many as you would think. We had the right information and we dispelled several of the myths! Of course the most popular one being The Runaway Convention. This is where people assume that this is a Constitutional Convention and it is NOT!

Article 5 Convention!

This is an Article 5 Convention! We had the constitution on hand where we could cite the verse and chapter of Article 5 and also the application which restricts us to the three areas of interest for the convention.  People were turned from their objection right there at the table and signed the petition!

Article 5 of the United States Constitution gives Congress the right to make amendments and they have successfully some 27 times. Our founders, George Mason in Particular, at the last minute penned these words into Article 5: “or, on the application of the Legislatures of 2/3 of the States, shall call a convention for proposing amendments.

It was an awesome sight.  

Only a few people walked away mumbling to themselves because they couldn’t get their point across as their point was not valid. And believe me this is America it did get loud a couple times! LOL The beauty of the whole thing was most of the people were willing to listen to us and understood what we were talking about.

Here’s a short slideshow of the action! Click this link to go to my Patreon site. https://www.patreon.com/posts/day-9-at-florida-34053789

or just watch it here!

The Biggest Downer

And somewhat upsetting fact was the mass of people that were apathetic completely about our cause or those who actually came out and said I don’t care.  These are the sheeple that we need to educate! It is done with a smile on your face and a handshake that usually gets people willing to listen to you! it is very much like sales you have to get lots of no’s before you can get a yes!

Take a look at this Quick compilation of the Volunteers and the “People” who signed the petition promoting this national movement.

We are building the largest grassroots army of

Self Governing Citizens since 1776!

All in all we achieved everything we set out to do! My 3 goals were :

  • Petition signatures ~~CHECK~~
  • Disseminate information ~~CHECK~~
  • Inspire our volunteers ~~CHECK~~

We also had a blast and it was a great time meeting with our troops. These are the kinds of activities that bring people out!

onward n upward
For Liberty!

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So that’s how it was with the Volunteers from The Convention of States out at the 2020 Florida State Fair !

photography and video provided by capt dennis darragh